Erosion (English text)

Erosion is a Natural Force process occuring over time. Everywhere around our Globe coasts and land is effected by Erosion Forcesn, wind, temperature, wave and gravitational erosion are the main erosion sources.

Depending on the grounds that ‘country’ is on, so obviously varies erosion impacts on land near areas quite independent of the kind of erosion that in each case is the strongest erosion source. Roughly speaking, it is possible to say that erosion on rock especially old rock types such as granite is smaller than erosion where ground is coral atolls, sand and soil. But it’s obvious.

some types of Erosion

* Wind-erosion
* Water-erosion
* Temperature-erosion
* Gravitional-erosion
(but there are more types)

When erosion on sand and/or coral reef occurs along coasts the “land” always will loose areas to the Sea. And if there are houses or settlements close to water, sooner or later those will “disappear”. That’s due to the Natural Forces mostly to the force we call Erosion.
Example: two phenomena are common: Wind, waves and temperature allows the sand/coral to become undermined and the land above piece by piece falls into water. Sometimes down in the form of landslides.

Depending on the area where they occur, tidal power and strength of ebb and flow, this can mean anything from that sand is spread out over a larger area of ​​land near, with the seemingly may look as if the water has been raised or that the sand is spread by wind and waves over much large surfaces.

Another beachfront effect of erosion, in the form of sludge, gravel, and pollutants including carried out thanks to meandering rivers. Water cycle makes the water trying to reach the lowest point possible. While travelling from land to Sea the speed force in rivers are lower in the middle of the streams. This causes eroded land/sand and so on to fall into the water bringing the sludge deposit to the sides and close to entering the Sea river delta might occure/arise. Normal school knowledge that has been forgotten can be repeated
Suggested Reading:
Margareta B Jansson, Land erosion by water in different climates, Diss Uppsala Universitet 1982


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