Archimedes principle

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, simple explanation

Archimedes’ principle is a physical law known since Archimedes’ days:
All objects reduced, pressed or held down in liquid puch away the equvivalent size of the object’s mass.
Please observe that it’s a difference between weight due to gravity and mass. While both can be using the same ‘weight’ in daily speaking, the former isn’t a physical term.
* Mass, measured in kilogram is the amount of material the object in question has.
* Weight is the gravititational influence on an object. That’s a forse and due to that weight is measured in Newton.

In ordinary life the differences aren’t clear. Kilogram/Pounds/Stones is used in daily speaking for both.

Archimedes principle goes for ice-cub in drinks as well as for Ice shields due to Ice Age as well as for Boats or Ice sheet in Sea and remains of Ice Ages long ago such as Glaciars on land! When Ice melt the melted Ice never ever will rise levels neither in drink-glasses nor in Sea! Landrise which is a retarded movement starts at once. Following a quicker uprise-curve in beginning – slowing down over time.
For more information re. Archimes principle Archimedes principle, Encyclopedia Brittanica

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