Definition of terms

© Inger E Johansson, Gothenburg 2014 from Excerpts fot a PM, Gothenburg 1999

Definition of terms

Information: Presented information can be true or false. Every presented factor=term is presented in a context. All contexts holds within one or more cluses for expressing thoughts, statements and/or opinions. The semantics splits information in Language(-s), Thoughts and Reality.

Language provides the formulation of expressing thoughts and refers to the world or the problems from the “speakers” view (bag pack) same way the “content” of the words used refers to the reality as it’s perceives from the “viewer’s” eyes.

Thoughts: Thoughts spoken always is due to the conclusion one or more persons subjetively drawn from a given event, situation, presentation of facts/information/opinions.
In macro level this means that the assertation always use a concept of more than one micro-level terms used.
This means that the term used to express a thought/situation etc always can have at least two values: The one of the persons expressing the term within a context and the one the “listener”/”reader” gives the term due to own bag pack, cultural or inherited.

Opinion: One or more statements expressed in speech, writing and or a picture. Opinion is always subjective and dependent on who formulated the question and or the idea/thesis etc. At macro level this is called a formula. At a micro level, there are many underlying terms.

“Die Bedeutung eines oder wichtigkeit Problems haengt immer auch von subjektiven, Bewer tendency elements ab” Gerhard Vollmer, Wissenschaftstheorie into Einsatz, Stuttgart 1993

Title translated into English: “The significance or importance of a problem always depends on subjective tendency elements

Allegations: One or more statements that purport to convey a knowledge/observation etc., where rates on micro level consists of a number of concepts and concepts expressed or subpressed consists of terms expressing thoughts, statements and/or opinion using Language, Thoughts and Reality from speaker’s/listener’s or writer’s/reader’s reality.


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